Film Archive databases:

Newsreels Online – The internet film newsreel archive called 'Filmhíradók Online' was created in 2009. Initially, due to the Hungarian Film Archives, it introduced the film news of the Hungarian World Newsreels.

Gramofon Online – In launching the Gramophone Online project, we sought to make available and promote early audio documents of Hungarian popular culture that are preserved in a now outdated format.

Moving Picture Gallery – MozgóKépTár was the first CD-ROM series in Europe to use parts of moving images as film history illustrative material. The series is used around the world for educational-illustrative purposes. During the making of the 6 CD-ROMs, an integrated system comprising 16 databases was built.

Film Archive material in other databases:

Hungarian National Digital Archive

Filmarchives Online –  351 (between 1924-1931) Hungarian newsreel insert texts in Hungarian and English

Film Archive material in EFG: 

•  EFG1914 –  Hungarian documentary film recordings from World War I that can be viewed online