Moving Picture Gallery

An English-Hungarian multiplatform publication (1996-2008) and online database. The original aim of the project starting was to create a bilingual CD-ROM series on film history, but over the years an integrated online database has also been established.

Originally, the aim was to produce a bilingual film history CD-ROM series in the pioneering project launched in 1995. The six CD-ROMs published until 2008 provided a comprehensive picture (in Hungarian and English) of periods and genres in Hungarian filmmaking, with analysed moving images, articles, studies, filmography. Bibliographies, list of events, film songs, several hundred photos, biographies and studies evoked the given period. The seventh disc tracing the path taken by Hungarian animation was finished but never published – individual integrated online databases were created out of the material from all the discs (development of this is still underway).

Online Database

CD-ROM series

Moving Picture Gallery 1: Feature Films From the Beginnings Until 1944 (1996)
Moving Picture Gallery 2: Documentaries From the Beginnings Until 1920 (2004)
Moving Picture Gallery 3: Feature Films Between 1945 and 1962 (2002)
Moving Picture Gallery 4: Documentaries Between 1921-1944 (2009)
Moving Picture Gallery 5: Feature Films Between 1963 and 1998 (1999)
Moving Picture Gallery 6: Documentaries From 1945 Until Now (2008)

Editor-in-chief and project manager: Erzsébet Komár