Film Marathon - Seventh day, 10.09.2019.

Handing over the Grand Budapest Prize in Uránia Cinema.
The screening of Filibus in Toldi cinema; introduction by Sara Den Hamer, director of EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam.
Drawing the lucky winner of the KLM. 
Q&A after the screening of Bolse vita.

Photo credits: Lili Chripkó

Film Marathon - Sixth day 09.09.2019.

Come On Over! screening in the French Cultural Institute, piano: Elaine Lobenstein
Photography screening and Q&A
Man with a Movie Camera open-air screening
(photo credits: Miklós Déri)

Film marathon - Fifth day 08.09.2019.

Stephen, the king open-air screening (photo credits: Lili Chripkó)

Greeting Udo Kier in Uránia (photo credits: Lili Chripkó)

The Film Marathon has started! 04.09.2019.

First day: 

Opening - The Heiresses! (Uránia National Film Theatre)
Open-air screening - Evita (Szent István square)

István Székely 120 (gallery)

István Székely, the leading Hungarian star director of the 1930s, was born 120 years ago. 

Márta Mészáros' and Hanna Schygulla's talk at CHB (gallery)

Moderator: Jutta Brückner. Photo credits: Jannis Keil / Collegium Hungaricum Berlin
February 13, 2019.

The Dance (gallery)

The first professionally directed Hungarian film containing feature film elements was created not as an independent work but as a moving image illustration for one of the series of educational lectures staged at the Uránia Theatre of Science in 1901. Initially, Uránia presentations were illustrated with projected slides, and then with moving pictures purchased from abroad.

In 1901,...

Balogh Gyöngyi |

Happy birthday István Szabó!

"Oscar-winner István Szabó is the most internationality acclaimed filmmaker of Hungary since the 1960s.

Graduating at the Hungarian Academy of Theatrical and Cinematic Art in 1957, he was a founding member of the Béla Balázs Stúdió. He first gained international acknowledgement with his lyrical film Te (You). His first feature film was Álmodozások kora (The Age of Daydreaming),...

From our poster collection

The poster library has a collection of more than 26,000 film posters. Perhaps the most fascinating part of the country’s largest film poster collection is that covering posters for Hungarian silent movies, many of which are totally unique documents of the history of film in Hungary. Our collection also holds many posters for foreign films that were never shown commercially in Hungary.

From our costume design collection

There are close on 300 film costume designs dating from the 1950s to the 1980s, including drawings by Fanny Kemenes, Erzsébet Mialkovszky, Zsazsa Lázár, Piroska Katona, Teréz D. Forgó, Rudolf Láng and Tivadar Márk. Costume design material also includes textile samples and various related documents.