Marcell Jankovics, icon of Hungarian animated films dies at 80

The Palme d'Or winner and Oscar nominee animation film director, Marcell Jankovics has died aged 80. Over the course of a career that spanned six decades, the filmmaker worked on more than 100 films as director, figure designer, animator and specialist.

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Bubble Bath (Habfürdő) – online debut of the musical animation to the rhythm of a heartbeat

The NFI - Film Archive is presenting the recently restored animation cult film Bubble Bath (Habfürdő) online.

Gyöngyi Balogh (1950-2021)

Our beloved colleague Gyöngyi Balogh died on 25 March 2021, in her 71st year, having courageously endured a lengthy illness.

Mari Törőcsik (1935-2021)

Mari Törőcsik, the greatest actress of modern Hungarian film and theatre, died on 16 April, in her 86th year, after an extended illness.

NFI celebrates 120 years of Hungarian cinema with a series of programmes

Jubilee year: on 30 April 2021, we celebrate the 120th anniversary of the first directed Hungarian film, A táncz (The Dance).

Restored Incandescent Love

The National Film Institute – Film Archive digitized and restored Gyula Macskássy’s Tungsram commercial Izzó szerelem/Incandescent Love (1939) using a special technique.

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Start made on the restoration of György Kovásznai’s iconic animation film Bubble Bath

28 October is International Animation Day, and on this occasion we take a look at what the National Film Institute has achieved in 2020 to preserve Hungarian animation and what projects are still ongoing.

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Season of Classic Films

‘A Season of Classics Films’ is a series of free screenings between December 2020 until June 2021 across Europe to raise awareness of the work of European film archives.

Restored version of Zoltán Fábri’s film Late Season at the film festival in Venice

The restored version of Late Season, a ground-breaking Holocaust film shot in 1966, features on the programme of the Venice Classics section of the 77th Venice International Film Festival.

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The Upthrown Stone back at Cannes

This year, for the fifth time, the official programme of Cannes Film Festival, Cannes Classics, selected a Hungarian film classic restored by the National Film Institute.

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Book dedicated by Adolph Zukor

Adolph Zukor, who established Paramount Pictures film studio and was one of the founders of Hollywood filmmaking, was born in the village of Ricse on 7 January 1873 and he died in Los Angeles on 10 June 1976.

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Unforgettable Comedies Free Online

The National Film Institute is making unforgettable Hungarian comedies from the past 80 years available free, online for 10 days to mark Hungarian Film Day on 30 April. Hyppolit, the Butler, The Witness, Dollybirds and Moscow Square plus many others can be watched with English subtitles until 10 May.

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Hungarian Classics Free to Watch

The National Film Institute offers free online access to 39 Hungarian Classics with subtitles – literary adaptations, historical films and animations contributing to digital education introduced in Hungary due to the coronavirus outbreak. Precious entertainment for all members of the family staying at home.

Istvan Szabo Director's Selection DVD release

Istvan Szabo Director's Selection DVD release – Coming soon.

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Márta Mészáros retrospective at the Bergamo Film Meeting

With a retrospective consisting of 10 films restored by the National Film Institute - Film Archive - Hungary, Bergamo Film Meeting pays homage to the innovative gaze of Hungarian director Márta Mészáros.

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What do the films of Márta Mészáros give the world?

Introduction by Eszter Fazekas, digitalization and film restoration manager of the Budapest Film Archive, on the Márta Mészáros day organized in Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, 13 February 2019.

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‘The Márta Mészáros Marvel’ – ‘Adoption’ at the Berlinale Classics

2019 sees yet another Hungarian participant at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival’s Berlinale Classics.

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The Three-Hundred-Year-Old Man – Silent film from 1914 brought back to life

A long-forgotten photo album preserving scene stills of the film featuring young Hungarian aristocrats was brought back to life, and through this an 10-minute fragment of the originally 50-minute-long film has been reconstructed from stills.

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Ferenc Molnár and film

Works by Ferenc Molnár have inspired many films, from the earliest days to the present day. Important movie directors such as Mihály Kertész, Fritz Lang, Charles Vidor, Zoltán Fábri and Billy Wilder adapted his dramas. In the following, we examine the filming stories behind 12 Molnár works.

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The Dance – the first Hungarian film (1901)

The story, the creators and the reconstruction of the first Hungarian film, The Dance – an exhibition on the Day of Hungarian Film.

Hungarian Cinema at Cannes, 1968

It was exactly 50 years ago when the competition at the 21st Cannes International Film Festival was cancelled. The year was 1968.

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Rare gems of Hungarian Cinema – Restored film classics in Paris

Starting today, a total of eight Hungarian films that were restored by the Hungarian National Film Archive will be presented at Toute la Mémoire du Monde festival organised by La Cinémathèque française. For five days, the French Film Institute will showcase restored films.

'My 20th Century' – A Wonderful First Film Among the Berlinale Classics

The audience of the 2017 Berlinale celebrated a new film by Ildikó Enyedi. She’s return after 18 years was magnificent. On Body and Soul won its first international award, the Golden Bear, in Berlin. After this film’s nomination for the Academy Awards, the Berlinale presents yet another of Enyedi’s works.

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2017 for the Hungarian Film Archive

Q&A with György Raduly, director of the Hungarian Film Archive.