Le distrait, French comedy, colour, 1970, by Pierre Richard, Language: Hungarian, Subtitles: English, 85'



09.06. 20:00
Toldi Cinema Small Hall

Directed by Pierre Richard
Screenplay by André Ruellan, Pierre Richard
Director of photography: Daniel Vogel
Music by Vladimir Cosma
Cast: Pierre Richard, Marie-Christine Barrault, Maria Pacôme, Catherine Samie, Micheline Luccioni, Paul Préboist
Production: Gaumont, Les Productions de la Guéville, Madeleine Films

Pierre Richard played the lead role in this popular film that he also directed. This was the first time we saw the slightly goofy, absent-minded, well-intentioned yet ‘loser’ character that would become a trademark of Pierre Richard films, but here he is simply called Pierre. In this movie, too, the serial misunderstandings are at least as important as the love angle and the chic women. Pierre, who has a job in the advertising profession, suddenly finds luck knockingat his door, even when his absent-mindedness goes so far as to obstruct the fulfilment of love.