On 4 September, we remember Andy Vajna, the world-famous Hungarian producer who died earlier this year. The audience can watch the epic film Evita (1996), created out of the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice and winner of an Oscar as well as three Golden Globe awards.

On 5 September, in the presence of director Marcell Jankovics, we will be screening the recently restored animation Fehérlófia/Son of the White Mare, which following its world premiere at the Montreal Fantasia film festival can be seen in Hungary for the first time.

Film of the day on 6 September is the hugely popular French comedy The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe (1972). This hit is introduced by the lead actor in the film, Pierre Richard.

On 7 September, it is the turn of the concert film Queen – Hungarian Rhapsody: Live In Budapest 1986, in the presence of some of the filmmakers. Top Hungarian cinematographers recorded the most memorable moments from the concert given by Queen behind the Iron Curtain, and János Zsombolyai wove these elements into a film.

On 8 September, in the presence of the cast and crew, we screen the legendary Hungarian rock opera-film István, a király/Stephen the King, which has just been restored, and which tells the story of the foundation of the Hungarian state in a unique way.

On 9 September, we present a silent film, the Dziga Vertov avantgarde visual symphony Man with a Movie Camera, attended by Michael Nyman and featuring his original score to the film.