Jean-Pierre Verscheure: Audio restoration in the current context of film preservation


Márton Kurutz: Hungarian musical films from the early years to 1945


Galina Torma: 100-year-old news today


Eric Le Roy: The Centre National de Cinema (CNC) archiving methods and system


Thomas Christensen: Preservation and digitising for now and the future, the model of the Danish Film Institute


Arianna Turci: Presentation of Cinémathèque Royale de Belgique


Ellen M. Harrington: The Deutsche Filmmuseum & Filminstitute 


Evin Hussein: Margit Balogh Béláné Kornai (1883-1953), the first Hungarian female producer


Márta Mészáros' video message, showed before the Heiresses gala screening: 





Rozina Wossala, actress: 

Krisztina Goda, film director:

Simon Szabó, actor:

Nóra Rainer-Micsinyei, actress:

Béla Mészáros, actor:

Lili Walters, actress:

Gábor Reisz, film director:

Vica Kerekes, actress:

Renátó Olasz, actor:

Balázs Lévai, host of Film Marathon:

Marcell Jankovics, film director: