Pierre Richard

There is actually much more to the name of Pierre Richard, primarily known as a great slapstick artist, as “Pierre” is only his first given name, while “Richard” is the second. His other given names are Maurice, Charles, and Léopold, while his family name is Defays. He began his career in cabaret, playing at the Bobino Theatre, among other venues. Bobino was more than just a theatre, but was also a nightclub and a restaurant, much like the Moulin Rouge or the Lido. Thus, this blond, blue-eyed actor never strayed far from light entertainment. If he has to say who his predecessors were, then will tell you that he has learned at least as much from Louis de Funès (born in an aristocratic Spanish family, but reputed as a French actor) as he has from earlier slapstick, pie-throwing silent films. His skill of keeping his facial expression completely inscrutable, even in the most critical situations, was something that he essentially learned from Buster Keaton. His first great hit, where his character first appeared, was his self-directed film The Daydreamer. It was he who truly popularised the 1972 film The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe. After his successful comedies in the 1970s, he also acted (and continues to act) in more serious films, as his career is ongoing both as an actor and a winemaker, as he produces 80,000 bottles a year in his latter capacity.