Before the Rain

Pred dozhdot, Macedoniain-French-English war drama, colour, 1994, by Milcho Manchevski, Language: Macedonian-English, Subtitles: English, Hungarian 113’



09.11. 13:00
Toldi Main Hall

Directed by Milcho Manchevski
Screenplay by Milcho Manchevski
Director of photography: Manuel Teran
Music by Dragan Dautovski, Zlatko Origjanski, Zoran Spasovski, Goran Trajkoski
Cast: Grégoire Colin, Josif Josifovski, Boris Delcevski, Dejan Velkov, Kiril Ristoski, Mladen Krstevski
Production: Aim, British Screen Productions, European Co-production Fund

‘A tale in three parts.’ This is the subtitle of the Milcho Manchevsky film: in other words, this Balkan ballad is made up of three interconnected stories (the title of the first is Words, the second Faces, and the third Pictures). It is about the cohabitation of peoples, the centuries-old conflicts that make peaceful coexistence impossible (the film focuses on Albanian-Macedonian antagonism), in fact, all those feelings behind which we sense the storm clouds of war that was still ongoing when the film was shot, in other words, the Balkan War that was the most bloody occurrence on our continent since the Second World War. Words, the balladlike, near medieval world, and the story of the monk and the girl accused of murder, is linked to the story of the London photographer (Faces), in order to come together in aconvoluted story with Pictures; and while this circle is not complete, as remembrance andoblivion are not complete, nor can there be full and total peace.

Screening supported by Cinematheque Of Republic Of North Macedonia.