Superbly restored films, among them Fellini’s Oscar-winning masterpiece, Ginger and Fred, the irresistibly amusing Western parody Lemonade Joe, Menzel’s brilliant Hrabal adaptation Cutting It Short, Milcho Manchevski’s Before the Rain, awarded a Golden Lion for Best Filmin Venice 25 years ago, a 1956 Yugoslav masterpiece, The Valley of Peace, one of Jean Renoir’s all-time greatest movies, the 1937 The Grand Illusion or the 1960s ever green, TheLast Adventure: pure gold just waiting to be rediscovered. The selection spans the entire spectrum of film history, with modern works and silent films like the early feminist crime sci-fi, Filibus, and the Hungarian crime-movie The Slave Bird. Several screenings are introducedby representatives of partner archives and foremost specialists in the field, and in their talks they not only speak about the works but the challenges of restoring films. For those who would like to dig deeper into the fascinating world of film archives, we can recommend not only films in the Open Archives section but the many specialist side events of the Film Marathon. As part of the three-day programme organized in the French Institute in Budapest, topics include audio restoration, preserving the film heritage, the challenges of digitalization, and the world of archive festivals.