Starring: Budapest – shorts from the Kádár period

Shorts about Budapest from the early-Kádár era, with an introduction by Márton Kurucz (Hungarian National Film Archive) (70'). Screening: 09.09. 10.00 Toldi mozi – Kisterem

Following on from last year’s success, we are again mining the cavernous pits of the Film Archive for new gems. We’ve reloaded the projector with rarely seen reels inspired by the Hungarian capital. There is plenty to choose from as regards virtually every major film history period, indeed, we can even select from among the different genres because we have succeeded in collecting an astonishing range of material from educational films through etudes right up to tourism propaganda reels. Budapest films made immediately after 1956 are centre stage in this year’s compilation. Together, they provide a fascinating, sad, spectacular and at times frightening image of everyday life in Budapest and the history of urban planning.