Ads – we can’t get enough of them!

Lecture by Márton Kurutz.

We’ve selected from the Film Archive’s collection of film commercials comprising several thousand examples, and within this primarily from advertisements from the years immediately prior to the change of regime. Truly, they never go out of fashion. One wouldn’t believe it, but the very same professionals who made animation film commercials using graphic, puppet and object movement techniques were also those who put together the favourite films of our childhood. Works by Gyula Macskássy, Attila Dargay and Ottó Foky are joined by a few advertisements created by István Sas, who died recently. The compilation will certainly prove of interest also for the youngest generation since they are unlikely to even imagine there was a time when musical instruments, toys, sportswear and furniture were all available in a single shop (FŐBUHA). Or, come to it, a time when in many other shops, not a single useful item could be found!