Travels in the Congo

Voyage ou Congo, 1927, France, Language: French and English Subtitles (100’); Screening: 09.07, 21.30, Toldi Cinema, Kisterem

Belgian monarch Leopold II is considered one of the biggest mass murderers of all time: the diplomat Roger Casement was the first to report on abuses happening in the Congo colonies, how the local people were being ruthlessly exploited and killed, in the first reporting to create genuine international outrage. His experiences were the inspiration behind Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness. André Gide left for his journey to the Congo primarily for the natural wonders therein, but beside the riot of colours he witnessed at sundown he also saw the affliction of the people, the reality of Africa. Andre Gide’s diary Travels in the Congo was published in 1927. “I find him very much changed, his features tense and tired, his gaze wandering,” wrote Roger Martin du Gard about his good friend Gide on his return after travelling in the Congo and Chad in 1928.


Directed by: Marc Allégret
Screenplay by: André Gide, Marc Allégret
Director of photography: Marc Allégret
Genre: documentary
Production: Néofilms, Société du Cinéma du Panthéon
Format: black and white, silent, 1.33: 1