The first golden age of Hungarian film: 1918

Speakers: Gyöngyi Balogh, Márton Kurutz (50'); 09.07, 18.15, Toldi Cinema, Kisterem

The first golden age of Hungarian filmmaking was in 1918. A boycott of foreign films, the increasingly expensive and uncertain delivery due to the war gave the Hungarian film industry a massive boost. Over the course of the year, nearly 100 Hungarian films were released, meaning that there were premieres of two Hungarian films nearly every week. And they were of a high standard, too. This year was the most active period for those Hungarians who later moved on to Hollywood; it was also the end, because in late 1919 the cream of the film profession departed for the West. Over time, the films themselves decayed or were lost, so we can only evoke this golden age with those few reels and photos that survived from this astonishingly fertile year.

A magyar film aranykora 1918