Moszkva Square

2001, Hungarian, Language: Hungarian, Subtitle: English, 88'; Screening: 09.07, 19.30, Open-air screening, Szent István Square, FREE ENTRY Q&A with cast & crew members

Budapest, Moszkva tér (Moscow Square), 27 April 1989. The country is facing changes, while 18-year-old Petya is facing his final exam at secondary school. All history questions referring to the history after 1945 have been cancelled. Life is ahead of him, and new life is ahead of the country. Ferenc Török’s school leaving heroes are no hopeless figures at the mercy of history, since they are no more pressed by the very fate of the characters of many a Hungarian film made earlier. Ironic and wanton as they are, they may even be favoured by their fates. Moscow Square was awarded the prize of the best first film at the Hungarian Film Week, and due to its freshness, its lack of pathos, its partly documentary-like, partly clip-like visual solutions it became an emblematic film of the new generation of filmmakers, telling something basic about the change of regime, its elusiveness, its burden and its lightness.

Directed by: Török Ferenc
Screenplay by: Török Ferenc
Director of photography: Garas Dániel
Music by: Temesvári Balázs
Cast: Karalyos Gábor, Pápai Erzsi, Balla Eszter, Csatlós Vilmos, Szabó Simon, Jávor Bence
Genre: drama, melodrama
Production: Hunnia Filmstúdió, SZFE
Format: colour, 1:1.85, 2K restored