I Even Met Happy Gypsies

Skupljači perja, 1967, Yugoslavia, Language: Serb-Croat, Romanian, Subtitles: English (96’). With introduction by Aleksandar Erdeljanović (Jugoslovenska Kinoteka). Screening: 09.06, 15.30, Toldi Cinema, Nagyterem

It is not only Kusturica who recognizes how much the world of Gypsies, the world of Gypsy slums and rubbish collectors is a magical realist world, how balladlike it is. Aleksandar Petrović’s film plays out in the Balkans. But this Balkans is just a few kilometres from the Hungarian border. Right at the start of the film, when the car of madly-in-love Bora arrives in town, the nameplate of the town of Sombor is seen. In other words, this is not far removed from us at all. Even when we are watching – with a slight smile and shiver mixed with astonishment – couples constantly beating each other, four-year-old children happily smoking, men wallowing in feathers. The story of Bora who made a bad promise becomes a true ballad at the end of the film: in the final frames, the car travels silently along muddy roads and through Godforsaken villages.

Directed by: Aleksandar Petrović
Screenplay by: Aleksandar Petrović
Director of photography: Tomislav Pinter
Music by: Aleksandar Petrović         
Cast: Bekim Fehmiu, Olivera Vučo, Bata Živojinović, Mija Aleksic, Gordana Jovanović
Genre: drama
Production: Avala Film
Format: colour, 1.66:1