Churchill and the Movie Mogul (world premier)

2018, Language: English (65’). With introduction by John Fleet and Charles Drazin (Queen Mary University); Screening: 09.07, 14.30, Toldi Cinema, Kisterem

The story of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s time working as a screenwriter for Hungarian film producer Alexander Korda. This film explores a unique collaboration between these two larger-than-life characters. They both shared a love of cinema, but also a passionate devotion to Britain, Korda’s adopted country. Previously unseen documents reveal how Churchill’s interest in storytelling greatly shaped his approach to politics and guided him when he took to the stage for real during the war. Korda and Churchill collaborated in creating morale-boosting films at home but also devised a spy mission to Hollywood to bring America into the war. The results are explored here in glorious Technicolor in a documentary by British film-maker John Fleet. World premiere in the presence of the director.

Directed by: John Fleet   
Director of photography: Colin Clarke
Music by: Michael J. McEvoy          
Cast: Key Contributors, Charles Barr, Charles Drazin , Stephen Fry, David Lough, Jonathan Rose, David Thomson
Genre: documentary
Production: January Pictures, UK
Format: black and white/colour, 16:9