Requests from educational and cultural institutes, festivals, film clubs, archives and TV broadcasters can be submitted for the use of film excerpts or screening of full films.

Hungarian feature and documentary films, animations and film newsreels form the basis of our service. It is necessary to sign a contract in order to use and publish archived material. The Archive does not have rights for every film in its collection, therefore before using these works the applicant must obtain authorization from the title holder and despatch this in writing. We welcome requests from educational and cultural institutions, festivals, film clubs, archives, national and local television stations.                                                

Licensing of film excerpts 

Following a request in writing, it is necessary to arrange an appointment to view archive recordings or designate excerpts. We prepare a time code sheet for the given excerpts, which allows the requested archived material to be pinpointed exactly. After signing the contract, we only issue the material specifically being used. We prepare the requested excerpt in the digital file format indicated by the customer, and this can be delivered electronically or by copying onto storage media supplied by the customer. In the case of time code and specific excerpts, it takes about 5-7 working days calculated from the date of despatch of the list to arrange the order. Tariffs for viewing, administration and use are calculated on a case-by-case basis. N.B. the customer must identify film material located on other websites at our Archives, in our own time coded archive material.

Contact: Zsolt Kertész

Montage desk at Hungarian National Film Archive 

Licensing of entire film in Hungary

Our service covers Hungarian films made from the earliest days of Hungarian filmmaking to the beginning of the 2000s, furthermore, other films made in the early 2000s. Nearly 1000 full-length feature, animation and documentary films, several thousand animation short films, documentaries and short films can be selected from our feature and documentary film collection. 

• Public screening 
We recommend our films for screenings by cinemas, cultural and educational institutions, and film clubs, as well as programmes run by national and local festivals, events etc. We require written orders to be sent in minimum two weeks prior to the planned screening date. This is necessary in order to guarantee proper drafting of the contract, technical preparation and transfer of the films. If films are being sought for a specific theme, please make your application at least three weeks prior to screening so that the appropriate films can be selected. 

• Television broadcast 
We can fully recommend classic feature films, animation and documentary films of Hungarian film history for national and local TV stations. If required, we can also arrange thematic film lists for compiling broadcast programmes. 

• DVD sales 
Besides outstanding festival award-winning works of Hungarian film history, our publications include numerous popular animation and feature films that can be purchased in shopping centres, bookshop networks, specialized outlets and webstores.

Contact: Éva Deli