While day by day, Hungarian Television and Black Box recorded historical events that pavedthe way for the change of system in Hungary, numerous documentary filmmakers energetically mapped out the blind spots of history and feature films of this period documented the chaotic state of Hungarian society in the most diverse genres and in the form of different visions. It is not uncommon to find the grotesque, the pamphlet, the absurd and the sci-fi-like vision (Season of Monsters/Szörnyek évadja, Meteo). A good few films, however, for instance, A Thorn under the Fingernail (Tüske a köröm alatt), Sweet Emma, Dear Böbe (Édes Emma, drága Böbe), or Bolse vita, provide an insightful picture of a changing world standing at the intersection of East and West. Later, synthesizing, retrospective films such as Dollybirds (Csinibaba) place the unprocessed post-Communist reality of the Kádár era into a nostalgic-ironic context.