The Wedding in Toprin

A toprini nász, Hungarian spy movie, black-and-white, 1939, by Endre Tóth, Language: Hungarian, Subtitles: English, 81'



09.06. 11:00
Toldi Main Hall

Directed by Endre Tóth
Written by Gyula Csermely
Screenplay by István Mihály, Endre Tóth
Director of Photography: István Eiben
Music by Szabolcs Fényes
Cast: Pál Jávor, Klári Tolnay, Zsóka Ölvedy, Ferenc Kiss, Attila Petheő, Nusi Somogyi, Vali Rácz
Production: Photophon Film Kft.
35 mm print

Endre Tóth, who through his films undertook to broaden the rather limited palette of Hungarian filmmaking, decided to test himself here in the spy movie genre. The hero of this exciting tale is lieutenant Mányai, who has been commissioned with uncovering a Russian spy ring. He accepts work as a gardener on the estate of the count of Toprini who is suspected of running the spy network. He finds an unexpected ally in the countess, who lives unhappily with her dissolute and common husband. Mányai succeeds in blowing the ringapart, but in the process he finds himself in peril. With the help of the countess he escapes and returns to his regiment. The film music was composed by Szabolcs Fényes, and its theme tunes (Balalajka sír az éjben, Bevallom, rég tetszik maga nékem) became hits.