Assunta Spina

Assunta Spina, Italian silent drama, 1915, dir: Gustavo Serena, Francesca Bertini, Italian insert, Subtitles: Hungarian, English 67'



09.24. 17:15
Toldi Small Hall

Supporting films: Hairstyles and types of Holland, Fording the River

Assunta Spina is a laundress living in Naples, engaged to a violent butcher named Michele Mangiafuoco. She is also courted intensely by Raffaele. When she accepts Raffaele's offer to dance during an open air feast, tragedy strikes. The original novel written by Salvatore di Giacomo had been adapted to a successful theatre drama in 1909. In the film version, in addition to the great Francesca Bertini, the city of Naples also rises to be an equal protagonist.

Supporting films:
Hairstyles and types of Holland / Coiffures et types de Hollande (Directed by Alfred Machin), 1909, 4’
Fording the River (Directed by George Albert Smith), 1910, 4’

Cineteca di Bologna

Introduction: Guy Borlée, Coordinator, Il Cinema Ritrovato, Cineteka di Bologna

Hairstyles and types of Holland