Prisoner Number Seven

Rabmadár / Achtung – Kriminalpolizei!, black and white Hungarian silent melodrama, 1929, dir: Lázár Lajos, Sugár Pál, Intertitles: Hungarian, 106’



09.24. 19:30
Toldi Main Hall


Directed by Lajos Lázár, Pál Sugár
Író: Walter Reisch
Screenplay by Lajos Lázár, Walter Reisch
Director of photography: József Bécsi, Oskar Weitzenberg
Cast: Lissy Arna, Charlotte Susa, Hans Adalbert von Schlettow, El Dura, Ida Turay, Mariska H. Balla, Olga Kerékgyártó, Szidi Rákosi
Production: Mary-Film

Anna, an inmate in the women’s prison, is permitted to leave her cell for a single evening thanks to the help of a kind prison doctor. The girl seeks out her lover, Jenő, at whose behest she became a thief and who is now the womanizing head waiter at a hotel. This crime thriller was made by directors Pál Sugár and Lajos Lázár along with a mixed German and Hungarian crew. The mobility of American motion pictures and the form of German Expressionism both had an impact on the final work. Initially the Hungarian censor refused to permit screening of the film, thus audiences in Hungary only saw it following its success in Germany.

NFI Hungary – Film Archive

Cineconcert, with live piano by Péter Mekis.