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June 10-16, 1919. Battle on the front, fighting in the party While the Governing Council was planning to celebrate the successful battle for Kassa, the Entente warned them to stop the attacks.
March 11-17, 1919. Last hours of the Republic In spring 1919 economic struggles united people of all professions, the news reported on the waiters' strike and a humorous animation illustrated the cabbies' walkout.
February 18-24, 1919. Land reform and illegal shoe trade There was still tension in the country in February 1919. The traumatizing experience of war is still lingers in the public's mind, and those who are facing a difficult situation fail to see the light at the end.
January 28 - February 3, 1919. Winter joys and aches The Normafa in 1919 winter was just as beautifully snowy as today, and while the younglings were cheerfully riding their sleighs down the mountain, serious events took place in the city: a funeral was held for Endre Ady, war veterans were fighting for fairness and new political organizations formed.
December 31, 1918 - January 6, 1919. New year, same problems The beginning of 1919 was rough. There was a lot of tension in the country and the news was flooded with reports on personal tragedies and violent offenses.
October 22-28, 1918. The Revolution begins Hundred years ago, the night before the Aster Revolution broke out, politicians were running around in panic and people gathered at public events to give and listen to heartfelt speeches.
Film encyclopedia and chronology for the 100 year old Aster (Chrysanthemum) Revolution EST news series reached the point for which these reels were actually preserved and became the most detailed material evidence of the first revolutionary event after 1919.
October 8-14, 1918. Calm before the storm From October, 1918 there were fewer Az Est film news. They no longer appeared on a weekly basis, and the subjects failed to reflect the country's growing tension.