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June 24-30, 2019. The Monitors' Revolt By summer, people were becoming more and more disgruntled and started attacking the Soviet Republic's system on several fronts. The tension led to an armed conflict in Budapest by the end of June, made legendary by the warships' revolt on the Danube.
April 29 - May 5, 1919. Red May The grandiose 1919 May 1st celebrations were one of the biggest events of the decade.
February 25 - March 3, 1919. Visiting Szatmár This week's most important news were about Mihály Károlyi's Szatmár visit. The videos are interlinked by French descriptions, which suggests that the surviving copy was made for guests of the French peace conference.
September 17-23, 1918. An eventful week The 1918 mid-September news are portraying an exhausted and tormented hinterland at the end of war. Once again, the main location is Budapest, but we also get to join the delegation of German journalist on their trip to Esztergom and Tátra.
September 24-30, 1918. A disappointing match on Üllői út The week's most interesting report was about the opening of Gellért Bath, but we also get to witness the unveiling of a memorial, meet a member of the royal family and two popular actors.
November 12-18, 1918. The first Hungarian Republic On November 13, 1918, Béla Linder Minister without portfolio of the Károlyi cabinet and representatives of the Balkan Entente signed the Belgrade Armistice.
September 10-16, 1918. Last moments of the Austrian-Hungarian connection These chronicles from 1918 were mainly covering local issues, but they were also up to date on international news. Cameramen were happy to record events representing Hungary's strong international relationships, particularly with allies.
September 3-9, 1918: Health first! A hundred years ago at the end of World War I, health and wellbeing became important issues for the general public, and evidently, journalists also picked up the topic.
August 27 – September 2. Strange Destinies Az Est News' second edition is a perfect example on how the genre's rules were changing with time. This week we are looking at an unusual report on politics, two bizarre tabloids and an exciting sports commentary from the 100 year old footages.
August 20-26. From Crystal Lake to Abbazia: late summer adventures in 1918 Az Est Film's first compilation takes us back to late summer, 1918. The war was still on, but the German army collapsed on the Western front in early August.