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Kadár, Ján (1918–1979) Ján Kadár, the Hungarian-born, Czechoslovak film director who won an Oscar for his film The Shop on Main Street in 1966. The Film Archive Library, which became an independent institution in 1959, coincidentally also on 1 April, preserves a few of his personal papers that allow us to reconstruct the fate typical of a Central-Eastern European artist.
The 1961 FIAF congress in Budapest The 74th Congress of the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF) is being staged in Prague between 22-27 April 2018. This is an appropriate moment to remind ourselves that many years ago, between 11-15 October 1961, Budapest, and more precisely the Hungarian film archive, hosted the 17th congress of FIAF.
History of the Film Archive The Hungarian film archive was established in 1957 as the Színház- és Filmtudományi Intézet (Institute of Theatre and Film Science). Ever since that date – under various names, locations, concepts and funding bodies – it has gone about the work of protecting and making accessible the film heritage of Hungary.