The Adventurous Way of Hungarian Film History

Presentation by Márton Kurutz, HNFA’s Collection and Research Manager on the Budapest Classics Film Marathon, with English subtitles.

You would think every single film piece produced in the country can be found in a film archive. The reality is very different. Film as an art form had long come of age by the time the first film archives were found. With a vast number of films to be sought out, it was a gigantic undertaking. The first film historians had to face the fact that most of the national film-crop was forever lost. For decades, the researchers at Hungarian National Film Archive (HNFA) have been looking at the causes that led to the demise of an extensive number of old Hungarian films. The results of this exploration will be exhibited by HNFA’s Collection and Research Manager while presenting a great deal of sources, historic connections and interesting photographs.

Budapest Classics Film Maraton, 2017.11.03. 

Budapest Classics Film Marathon