120 Most Wanted: Casanova

Film Marathon - Seventh day, 10.09.2019.

Handing over the Grand Budapest Prize in Uránia Cinema.
The screening of Filibus in Toldi cinema; introduction by Sara Den Hamer, director of EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam.
Drawing the lucky winner of the KLM. 
Q&A after the screening of Bolse vita.

Photo credits: Lili Chripkó

Film Marathon - Sixth day 09.09.2019.

Come On Over! screening in the French Cultural Institute, piano: Elaine Lobenstein
Photography screening and Q&A
Man with a Movie Camera open-air screening
(photo credits: Miklós Déri)

Film marathon - Fifth day 08.09.2019.

Stephen, the king open-air screening (photo credits: Lili Chripkó)

Greeting Udo Kier in Uránia (photo credits: Lili Chripkó)

The Film Marathon has started! 04.09.2019.

First day: 

Opening - The Heiresses! (Uránia National Film Theatre)
Open-air screening - Evita (Szent István square)