Mari Törőcsik

Mari Törőcsik’s laughter and gaze are no longer with us, but they are preserved in her films. The legendary actress appeared in countless motion pictures and in the most varied of roles, and her acting always remains memorable. Join us and watch her as a teenager (Kölyök – Our Kid), a young servant girl hungry for love (Édes Anna - Anna), as diva (Déryné, hol van? – Mrs. Déry, Where Are You?) or tragic heroine (Szerelmem, Elektra – Electra, My Love). Every minute of her screen presence is a pleasure. Audiences at the Cannes International Film Festival, the most prestigious cinema gathering in the world, had the opportunity of witnessing the acting skills of Mari Törőcsik, the ‘Hungarian Jeanne Moreau’, on no fewer than 11 occasions, and she is the only Hungarian actress to win a Palme d’Or for best female actress (Déryné, hol van?).