In the early 20th century, film was still reckoned as a novelty invention but its significance was already apparent in its ever-increasing popularity. The economic and cultural environment of the United States had a particularly inspirational effect on the new industry, which demanded ever more creative people. Many Hungarians tried their luck in Hollywood, some of whom went on to pursue trailblazing careers. The legend is that jobseekers at one of the Hollywood studios came across the following sign: “It is not enough to be Hungarian, one must also have talent.” The selection draws on the rich heritage of Hungarian Hollywood, presenting The Apartment made with the help of stage designer Sándor Trauner (Alexandre Trauner), The Shop Around the Corner based on Miklós László’s work, To Be or Not to Be filmed from the Menyhért Lengyel story and the comedy It Started with Eve by the producer legend Joe Pasternak, born 120 years ago this year. It is simply not possible to watch Béla Lugosi in Dracula and Mihály Kertész’s all-time classic Casablanca too many times.