Each year, the festival’s Hommage section pays tribute to artists who died recently. Mari Törőcsik passed away this spring, but she has left us with the memory of her wonderful personality and a long list of her films in which we can marvel at her captivating talent time and time again. The enchanting animation films of Marcell Jankovics have given pleasure to succeeding generations irrespective of age and, like a compass, guide them through the all-surrounding motion picture jungle. Thanks to his boundless enthusiasm for experimentation, the cinematographic oeuvre of János Tóth always holds out the promise of discovering something new. Our festival includes the Oscar-nominated Macskajáték (Catsplay) and his other films, plus the short films he made together with Zoltán Huszárik. Furthermore, we remember an outstanding personality of international cinema who died this year, Bertrand Tavernier, in whose person the creative artist and the knowledgeable enthusiast of film history combined, and who was familiar with Hungarian film as well as being its champion.