The Passion of Joan of Arc

La passion de Jeanne d’Arc, black and white Danish silent drama, 1928, dir: Carl Theodor Dreyer, Language: Danish intertitles, Subtitles: English, Hungarian, 110’



09.26. 15:00
French Institute

Directed by Carl Theodor Dreyer
Screenplay by Joseph Delteil, Carl Theodor Dreyer
Director of photography: Rudolph Maté
Music by -
Cast: Renée Falconetti, Eugène Silvain, André Berley
Genre: drama
Production: Société générale des films

Numerous great Danish films were made around the turn of the millennium, today Danish filmmaking is a major force in Europe, yet the most iconic Danish director and the most important Danish film remain to this day Carl Dreyer and his movie The Passion of Joan of Arc. Why? Because of Falconetti who plays the heroine with intense feelings. Because of the unconventional shots, the close-ups. The story, the profundity, of this film is apparent in the faces. It is proof that film is capable of conveying the transcendent, of being able to show something that goes beyond not only frames but also the reality of one plus one equals two.