The Night Belongs to Us

Die Nacht gehört uns, black and white German melodrama, 1929, dir: Carl Froelich, Language: German, Subtitles: English, 110’



09.25. 20:00
Toldi Small Hall

Directed by Carl Froelich
Screenplay by Walter Reisch, Walter Supper
Director of photography: Reimar Kuntze, Charles Métain
Music by Franz Grothe, Hanson Milde-Meissner
Cast: Hans Albers, Charlotte Ander, Otto Wallburg
Genre: melodrama
Production: Carl Froelich-Film

The young racing driver Bettina is involved in a car crash during testing in Sicily. Luckily, the handsome adventurer Harry Bredow is there to save the girl who has been knocked unconscious. When she comes round, he has disappeared. Since then, all Bettina’s thoughts revolve around her mysterious rescuer whom she desperately wants to meet again. High speed racing, fancy automobiles and Mediterranean passion from the late 1920s. This is one of the first German films to be made during the transition from silent to sound movies.

DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum Wiesbaden

Introduction: Louise Burkart, Film Archive, DFF – Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum.