The King of Paris

The King of Paris, French drama, colour, 1995, by Dominique Maillet, Language: French, Subtitles: Hungarian, 102'



09.24. 16:30
French Institute

Directed by Dominique Maillet
Screenplay by Jacques Fieschi, Dominique Maillet
Director of photography: Bernard Lutic
Music by Quentin Damamme
Cast: Philippe Noiret, Veronika Varga, Jacques Roman, Manuel Blanc, Michel Aumont, Paulette Dubost
Production: Adventure Pictures II, Canal+, Centre National de la Cinématographie (CNC)

At one time, Victor Derval was a great actor, in fact the greatest French actor. Who better the take on this role than Philippe Noiré. The King of Paris evokes the actor Kean, pieces onthe greats of the acting profession, and major social and conversational comedies. Advisors,authors, seamstresses, the boy rising up against the power of his swollen-headed father, allswirl around the absolute hero actor, the glory of whom has been on the wane for sometime. Veronika Varga playing the character of Lisa Lanska, speaking in a slightly strangeaccent and interpreting Chekov in a totally unorthodox way, comes to maturity in front ofthe camera of Dominique Maillet, becoming an actress almost of equal standing to Dervalhimself. She turns the world and the life of the actor monarch upside down. Varga Veronikawas still attending college when she was asked to play this role, which made her a householdname as a (French) actress.

Centre National de la Cinématographie CNC