Photographed by Vilmos Zsigmond

Fényképezte Zsigmond Vilmos, colour, Hungarian portrait, 2018, dir: Veronika Noémi Szakonyi, Language: Hungarian, Subtitles: English, 53’



09.26. 20:30
Toldi Small Hall

Supporting film: The Land, Iron and Horse

Directed by Veronika Noémi Szakonyi
Screenplay by Veronika Noémi Szakonyi
Director of photography: Kristóf Becsey, Zoltán Lovasi, Iván Márk, András Táborosi
Genre: portrait
Production: Sparks

The 53-minute documentary is like a trip through the private life of Zsigmond and the artist’s most outstanding photos. All this is captured by his ‘second family’ in Hungary, who were able to open up and tell the story of Vilmos in a way that no one had ever done before. Since Zsigmond accompanies the audience throughout the story, we also have the opportunity to acquaint ourselves with his indefatigable, lively, sincere and witty character.

Supporting films:
The Land (1955, Directed by József Zsuppa, 10’)
Iron and Horse (1975, Directed by Karl Bardosh, 27’)