János Tóth – Short Films

Hungarian short film selection, dir: János Tóth, Language: Hungarian, Subtitles: English, 63’



09.23. 20:45
Toldi Small Hall

Tuesday / Kedd (Directed by Novák Márk), 1963, black and white, 21’
Enchantment / Igézet (Directed by Bácskai Lauró István), 1963, colour, 18’
Testament / Testamentum (Directed by Ventilla István) 1965, colour, 9’
Scenes with Beans / Babfilm (Directed by Foky Ottó), 1975, colour, 12’

János Tóth, ‘the cinematographer’, fundamentally determined the development of the idiom of Hungarian film. In the films he worked on, it is worthless to speak merely of outstanding cinematography or writing. He always “thought in the language of film” (Gábor Bódy), and this is apparent not only in feature films such as Szindbád (Sindbad), Szerelem (Love) and Macskajáték (Catsplay), but already in early experimental short films made at Balázs Béla Studio: Elégia (Elegy), Capriccio, Kedd (Tuesday), Igézet (Enchantment), Testamentum (Testament). Through films made together with Ottó Foky, he also revolutionized animation (Puppet film). Study, Study No. 2 and Mozikép (Cinema Picture), all preparations for Örök mozi (Cinema Forever), that are included in this pick are auteur ‘light studies’ evoking the magical world of silent movies.

NFI Hungary – Film Archive