Birth of Hungarian film – The Dance (1901)


The first directed Hungarian film footage shot with actors debuted in Uránia Hungarian Theatre of Science on 30 April 1901. These short motion pictures were not stand-alone works but illustrations for a lecture on the history of dance. However, all footage featuring the most popular actors of the period has been lost but stills taken during filming have survived – this creative animation short film uses these to present the unknown story of the birth of Hungarian film.

Director: Enikő Löwensohn, Barnabás Weisz
Animation: Barnabás Weisz
Music: Botond Lelkes
Script: Enikő Löwensohn, Evin Hussein
Consultant: Gyöngyi Balogh
Producer: György Ráduly
Narrator: Tibor Hajdu
Sound recording: Balázs Wizner
Sound mixing: István Horváth
Animation technique: 2.5D parallax animation
Lenght: 12’30”
Production: National Film Institut Hungary – Film Archive
Year of Production: 2021