Animated short films by George Pal

12 Dutch animated short films, 1935–1940, dir: George Pal, Language: Dutch, Subtitles: English, 63'



09.26. 18:30
Toldi Main Hall

The Biggest Attraction in the World (La plus grande attraction du monde), 1935, 4’
In Lamplightland, 1935, 4’
The Magic Atlas (De tooveratlas), 1935, 7’
Charlie’s world cruise, 1936, 5’
Aethersymphony, 1936, 9’
The Rescue Brigade (De reddingsbrigade), 1937, 6’
Sleeping Beauty (Doornroosje),1938, 6’
How an advertising poster was made (Hoe een reclame affiche ontstond),1938, 5’
The ballet of Red Radiovalves, 1938, 3’
Philips cavalcade, 1939, 6’
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp (Aladdin en de wonderlamp), 1939, 5’
A Friend in Need (Vriend in nood), 1940, 3’

World-famous filmmaker George Pal was born Gyula György Marczincsák in Cegléd, Hungary in 1908. He studied industrial design in the class of Gyula Kaesz at the Budapest College of Applied Arts, then in 1928 he was appointed title artist at Hunnia Film Studio. Given the limited employment opportunities in Hungary at the time, he emigrated to West Europe. His signature figures made from painted wooden elements first appeared in puppet commercials for the Eindhoven company Philips in the 1930s. In 1939, the director settled in Hollywood where he patented his stop action wooden puppets as ‘Pal-Doll’. Series made using Pal-Dolls were called Puppetoons, a combination of the words ‘puppet’ and ‘cartoon’. In 1943, he was presented with an Academy Honorary Award for the development of novel methods and techniques in puppet animation. From the 1950s, we worked on several landmark sci-fi feature films such as the H. G. Wells-inspired, Oscar-winning The War of the Worlds (1953) and The Time Machine (1960).

EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam

With the support of Royal Philips / Philips Company Archives

Introduction: Leenke Ripmeester, Curator of animation and advertising film, EYE Filmmuseum, Amszterdam