A Motorcycle Trip Among the Clouds

Mit dem Motorrad über die Wolken, black and white Austrian silent travel documentary, 1926, dir: Lothar Rübelt, German inserts, Subtitles: English, 46’



09.26. 17:30
French Institute


Directed by Lothar Rübelt
Screenplay by Lothar Rübelt
Director of photography: Franz Sochor
Cast: Signorina Hansi, Anton Popschil, Ekkehard Rübelt
Genre: travel documentary
Production: Mondial-Film

In 1926, Lothar Rübelt, the famous Austrian photojournalist and sport photographer, followed a group of young motorcyclists as they drove from Vienna to the Dolomites. The silent film that was thus created, which pays homage equally to classic machines, nature and human endurance, is breathtaking from every aspect. These daredevil sportsmen crossing romantic landscapes exude a genuine Easy Rider lifestyle. Their achievement, which still evokes a sense of awe today, was followed by tragedy: Ekkehard, brother of the director and one of the figures in the film, lost his life in an accident not long after shooting had concluded.

Österreichisches Filmmuseum

Introduction by Michael Loebenstein, director of the Austrian Film Museum. Music by Elaine Loebenstein, piano.