The Valley of Peace

Dolina miru, Yugoslav war drama, black-and-white, 1956, by France Stiglic, Language: Slovenian, Subtitles: Hungarian, English, 82'



09.11. 20:00
Toldi Small Hall

Directed by France Stiglic
Screenplay by Ivan Ribic, France Jamnik
Director of photography: Rudi Vaupotic
Music by Marijan Kozina
Cast: John Kitzmiller, Evelyne Wohlfeiler, Tugo Stiglic, Boris Kralj, Francek Drofenik, Maks Furijan
Production: Triglav Film, Cain Productions

The film is set in Slovenia during the Second World War, when two orphans, the GermanLotti and the Slovene Márkó, flee from a town being bombed by the Allies. Somewhere they have heard about a valley in which peace reigns eternal, and they set off to find it: along the way they come across Jim, the Afro-American pilot whose aircraft was shot down by the Germans and who parachuted down on the children. The question is, together can they find the valley of peace, and will the pilot manage to rescue the children (and himself) from the war. John Kitzmiller, who had actually served in the forces as a captain in the Second World War and launched his career in Italian films, played the role of Jim and was the first black actor to win best male lead at the 1957 Cannes Film Festival.

Screening supported by the Slovenian Film Archives at Archives of the Republic of Slovenia and  Slovenian Film Centre.