The Cigarette Girl of Mosselprom

Papirosnyica ot Mosselproma, Soviet comedy, black-and-white, by Yuri Zhelyabuzhsky, Intertitles: Russian, Subtitles: French/Hungarian, 78'



09.07. 20:00
French Institute

Live music: Karol Beffa

Directed by Yuri Zhelyabuzhsky
Screenplay by Aleksei Fajko, Fyodor Otsep
Director of Photography: Yuri Zhelyabuzhsky
Piano accompaniment by Karol Beffa
Cast: Yuliya Solntseva, Igor Ilynsky, Anna Dmokhovskaya, Nikolai Tsereteli, Leonid Baratov, M. Tsybulsky
Production: Mezhrabpom-Rus

Mitiusin, the bookkeeper, falls in love with Zina, the cigarette girl. In order just to talk to her, he regularly buys cigarettes from her, even though he does not smoke. Latugin, the cameraman of a crew filming in the area, also takes a liking to the girl and persuades her to go in front of the camera. They work together for a time but finally both are sacked because of the romance that flowers between the couple. This is when Zina accepts an offer from MacBright, representatives of an American company, and she starts working as a model. In the end, however, she goes back to her old trade selling cigarettes. One day she meets Latugin again in the street, and the young couple are never to be separated again. Latugin directs a film, the title of which is ‘The Cigarette Girl from Mosselprom’.