NYman with a Movie Camera

English experimental documentary, colour, 2010, by Michael Nyman, Language: English, 67'



09.09. 14:00
Toldi Cinema Small Hall

Directed by Michael Nyman
Director of photography: Michael Nyman
Editor: Max Pugh
Music by Michael Nyman
Production: Michael Nyman Ltd

Michael Nyman’s original engagement with Man With a Movie Camera dates back to 2003 when he was commissioned by the British Film Institute to compose a new soundtrack for Vertov's 1929 film. This visual encounter subsequently triggered a ten year journey of experimentation with the medium of moving image, taking its starting point from Vertov's documentary-making principle of “the perception of truth”, the documentation of “life as it is” or of “life caught unawares”. In 2009, Nyman's first feature film NYman with a Movie Camera captures the artist's personal response to Vertov's original with a thorough and scrupulous analysis of his shot content and durations. Borrowing from his own diaristic film archives, Nyman proceeds with a systematic reconstruction of Vertov's frames replacing his shots with precisely-related (and timed visual) material of his own.