Szerelmem, Elektra, Hungarian drama, colour, 1974, by Miklós Jancsó, Language: Hungarian, Subtitles: English, 76'


09.09. 17:45
Toldi Cinema Small Hall

Directed by Miklós Jancsó
Written by László Gyurkó
Screenplay by Gyula Hernádi
Director of photography: János Kende
Music by Tamás Cseh
Cast: Mari Törőcsik, György, Cserhalmi, József Madaras, Lajos Balázsovits, Mária Bajcsay, Gabi Jobba, Tamás Cseh
Production: Studio Hunnia
2K restored

Rated: 12

In Miklós Jancsó’s most spectacular film the camera ranges through 360 degrees, with the Puszta plain serving as the modern revolving stage of history. In the struggle of Orestes, Electra and Aegistos, we see not only the battle for justice and law, but the concept of freedom played out against the prevailing tyranny, in parable-like form. On the day of truthfulness when Aegistos ascends the throne, the people fall silent, only Electra rebels, waiting for Orestes. Eventually, her brother does arrive to avenge his father’s murder. The siblings, symbols of freedom embodied as phoenixes, extinguish each other’s life in order to rise again where freedom is called for. They are carried there by red helicopter. As well as the unforgettable acting of Mari Törőcsik, György Cserhalmi and József Madaras, an important role goes to the bard of these historical times, Tamás Cseh: he precises the events in guitar-strummed ballads.