Kárhozat, Hungarian drama, black-and-white, 1986, by Béla Tarr, Language: Hungarian, Subtitles: English, Hungarian, 115'



09.08. 18:30
Toldi Small Hall

Directed by Béla Tarr 
Screenplay by László Krasznahorkai 
Director of photography: Gábor Medvigy 
Music by Mihály Víg 
Cast: Miklós Székely B., Vali Kerekes, Hédi Temessy, Gyula Pauer, György Cserhalmi, Péter Breznyik Berg, Gáspár Ferdinandy, János Gémes
Production: Magyar Filmintézet, Magyar Televízió, MOKÉP
4K restored

Rated: 16

Karrer’s days are spent in immobile timelessness in a grey mining town. His one desire is tohave a relationship with the singer in a local bar. He receives a confidential commission fromthe bar owner to deliver a package, which he then hands on to the singer’s husband. In thehusband’s absence, Karrer gets close to the woman but later on she becomes the barowner’s lover. The cheated and deceived husband reports the whole lot of them to thepolice. The lead character analyses the deteriorating state in a series of lengthy monologues,in a grey environment disintegrating in nonstop rain and mud. Here, Béla Tarr refines hisblack series style that brought him international acclaim and was fulfilled in Satantango. Therepetitive music of Mihály Vígh acts as a particularly authentic layer reinforcing the image ofa crumbling and miserable Eastern Europe.