The Three-Hundred-Year-Old Man

Lecture by Enikő Löwensohn.

The Three-Hundred-Year-Old Man is the reconstruction of a lost silent film made in 1914 on the basis of an album of 66 photographs kept in the Film Archive. The 50-minute silent film was made to raise money for charity: the aristocratic group initiating the making of the film exploited the popular medium of film to promote a new achievement, aviation. The screenplay was written by Sándor Bródy and Endre Nagy, its actors were young Hungarian aristocrats, many of whom later became notable personalities. Money raised from the film was to go to improve Hungarian aviation and the Polyclinic. The Three-Hundred-Year-Old Man became the first time-travel science fiction film in Hungarian film history. Unfortunately, the film itself was lost in the course of subsequent decades, but it has now been revived from still photographs...

A háromszáz éves ember (forrás: MNFA)