Professional Programmes – Institut Française Budapest


9.00 Introductory speeches
9.20 Film heritage and youth – lecture by Alain Bergala (Paris)
9.45 Film, heritage, passing on – lecture by Hrvoje Laurenta (Kino Europa, Zagreb)
10.05 FLICK, ABCinema, Cinart and reaching out to a young audience – lecture by Enrica Serrani (Cineteca di Bologna)

10.25 Coffee break

11.00 The role of film archives in today’s education – Roundtable discussion – Hrvoje Laurenta, Enrica Serrani, Agata Sotomska (Polish Film Archive) and Eszter Lányi (Hungarian National Film Fund, MNF)

12.00 Lunch

13.30 Abel Gance’s Napoléon – lecture by Georges Mourier (Cinémathèque Française, Paris) with film excerpts
14.20 Versions of Az aranyember – lecture by Gyöngyi Balogh (Hungarian National Film Archive, MNFA) with film excerpts
14.40 The Three-Hundred-Year-Old Man – lecture by Enikő Löwensohn (Hungarian National Film Archive, MNFA)

15.00 Coffee break

15.20 Andor von Barsy – lecture by Mark-Paul Meyer (EYE Film Institute, Amsterdam) with film excerpts
16.10 Richárd Deutsch and the first Hungarian sci-fi – lecture by Márton Kurutz (Hungarian National Film Archive, MNFA)
16.30 Endre Lénárd: A Föld halála (Death of the Earth, Hungarian amateur film, 1933)
16.50 Early Viennese erotic films – lecture by Nikolaus Wostry (Film Archive Austria) with film excerpts