Trouble in Paradise

1932, USA, Language: English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, German, Subtitles: Hungarian (83’); Screening: 09.05, 14.30, Toldi Cinema, Kisterem

A sophisticated man escapes from the looted Venetian palace. It is night and gondoliers are delivering the rubbish. The perpetrator of the crime is a gentleman, a baron. His dialogue with the butler is a masterclass in witty and smart repartee. Refined, funny and sexy, just like the films of director Ernst Lubitsch. Billy Wilder reckoned that the secret of the Lubitsch effect was rhythm. Lubitsch was better than anyone at sensing when and how to switch mood, and how the right music can be fitted to the changed mood: the consequence of this is that he can always pull a surprise. The gentleman thief Herbert Marshall and the pickpocket countess played by Miriam Hopkins form the perfect couple, made for each other. The film was shaped on the outstanding play by Hungarian Aladár László, The Honest Finder (A becsületes megtaláló).

Directed by: Ernst Lubitsch
Written by: Aladár László (play)
Screenplay by: Samson Raphaelson
Director of photography: Victor Milner
Music by: W. Franke Harling
Cast: Miriam Hopkins, Kay Francis, Herbert Marshall, Charles Ruggles, Edward Everett Horton, C. Aubrey Smith
Genre: comedy
Production: Paramount Pictures
Format: black and white, 1.37:1