The Upthrown Stone

1968, Hungary, Language: Hungarian, Romanian, Greek, Russian, Subtitles: English (84’); Screening: 09.05, 17.00, Toldi Cinema, Nagyterem. Tribute to Sándor Sára.

Director and cinematographer Sándor Sára’s first feature film is an extraordinary modernist production and autobiographical work from the Hungarian new wave. Balázs Pásztor’s father is innocently imprisoned in the 1950s, while Balázs is rejected by the University of Film when he applies to study directing. Working as a land surveyor during the communist collectivisation, he attempts to organise a farm base with a Greek partisan couple, who are eventually killed by farm workers. Sára works with long, geometrical stills to portray suffering and the absurdity of the age.

Directed by: Sándor Sára
Screenplay by: Sándor Sára, Sándor Csoóri, Ferenc Kósa
Director of photography: Sándor Sára
Music by: András Szőllőssy
Cast: Lajos Balázsovits, Todor Todorov, Nadesda Kazassian, Kati Berek, János Pásztor, József Bihari, László Bánhidi, Tibor Molnár
Genre: drama
Production: Mafilm Studio 3
Format: black and white, 2.35:1, 4K restored