The Magic Flute

1975, Sweden, Language: Swedish, Subtitles: Hungarian and English (135’); Q&A with Katinka Faragó and István Szabó about Ingmar Bergman; GALA SCREENING: 09.07, 19.00, Uránia National Film Theatre. Faces. Q&A with Katinka Faragó and István Szabó about Ingmar Bergman

Mozart, and the Mozart opera The Magic Flute, must have been close to Ingmar Bergman, a significant artist both as novelist and theatre director, because Bergman read this work as the fulfilment of Humanism. There can be no doubt that in this opera of initiation, the appearance of the ideals and symbols of Freemasonry reinforces that it can be read and directed as the opera of victory of light over darkness. As a consequence, Bergman’s direction is most sanguine. In the first few minutes it is apparent what effect Mozart has on audiences. Pleasure radiates from the faces of those listening to the overture with closed eyes. The same is true for everyone else on seeing this opera film most charming in some of the scenes, as the singer who plays Sarastro reads Parsifal in the interval.

Directed by: Ingmar Bergman
Screenplay by: Ingmar Bergman
Director of photography: Sven Nykvist
Music by: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Cast: Josef Köstlinger, Irma Urrila, Håkan Hagegård, Elisabeth Erikson, Britt-Marie Aruhn, Kirsten Vaupel
Genre: opera film
Production: Sveriges Radio
Format: colour, 1.37:1