The Home Movie Handbook: A work in progress (90')

Panel discussion focusing on home movies. A group of archivists from around the U.S. and Europe are at work on drafting a Home Movie Handbook, a practical guide for archivists that covers key topics and case studies related to the accession, cataloging, and presentation of home movies. Using the outline of the handbook as a guide, our panelists, including archivists and filmmakers, representing both FIAF and non-FIAF archives, based both in Europe and in the United States, will discuss issues of accession, cataloging, copyright, and access to home movies. Additionally, we will welcome artist, archivist, and filmmaker Péter Forgács, a Budapest native, to share his thoughts on the role home movies play in his artistic practice, and his experiences bridging the worlds of archives and filmmaking.


Haden Guest, Moderator, Curator, Harvard Film Archive, Cambridge, MA
Karianne Fiorini, Independent archivist and consultant, Bologna, Italy
Péter Forgács, Filmmaker, Budapest, Hungary
Kay Foubister, Acquisitions Curator, National Library of Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland
Brian Meacham, Managing Archivist, Yale Film Archive, New Haven, CT
Katie Trainor, Film Collections Manager, Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY

Draft program

Haden Guest: Welcome, introduction
Brian Meacham: Description of the handbook project, its genesis and progress
Katie Trainor: MoMA’s “Private Lives Public Spaces” show, curation, rights issues
Kay Foubister: Acquisition, data protection, cataloging
Karianne Fiorini and Péter Forgács on his practice as archivist and artist
Q&A, discussion