Brian Meacham, Managing Archivist, Yale Film Archive, New Haven, USA

11.00 Digital expansion of Soviet Estonian newsreels collection: Challenges and new perspectives (20')
Kadi Sikka, Film Archive, The National Archives of Estonia
Language: English

11.20 Laya Films: Production, Manipulation and Cataloguing the Catalan Newsreels during the Spanish Civil War (20')
Esteve Riambau, Filmoteca de Catalunya, Spain
Language: English

11.40 Newsreels and human rights: challenges associated with cataloguing, access and distribution / Noticieros y derechos humanos: retos y desafios de catalogación, acceso y divulgación (20')
Carol Sabbadini, Señal Memoria, Colombia
Language: Spanish (virtual presentation)

12.00 What does love mean to you? The ethics of saving and sharing Wendy Clarke's Love Tapes (20')
Amanda Smith, Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research, USA
Language: English

12.20 Discussion (15')